About Us
IDCC (Internet Data Center Chain) is an organization for suppling the solution of the global New Infrastructure construction, in line with the global new technology development and the strategy of New Infrastructure construction, is a Global Big Data New Infrastructure Public Blockchain to boost the construction of global Information Infrastructure, Integration Infrastructure, Innovation infrastructure, and also is the world Industry Token of the Big Data Public Blockchain. IDCC is by using the ‘Blockchain + Big Data + Cloud Computing’ new technology, to achieve the digitizing, intelligentizing and decentralizing in New Infrastructure, including 5G Infrastructure, Big Data Center, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, to establish a new system of Open Source Database and break the monopoly of data, to achieve the One-stop Digitizing Global New Infrastructure Industry Token and Marketing, with Big Data Public Blockchain technology.
Global Big Data
New Infrastructure Public Blockchain
IDCC Global Community Governance Mechanism
As a decentralized big date public chain based in New infrastructure, IDCC always regards the governance of blockchain as an important aspect to achieve sustainable development. The governance mode of IDCC mainly includes two aspects: one is governance on the chain, the other is governance off the chain.

On the Chain
Using Decentralized autonomous protocol (Decentralized Governance Protocol,DGP)
IDCC Foundation Governance Framework
Foundation Governance Architecture diagram
Off the Chain
Establishing the non-profit organization IDCC Foundation. Through the introduction of distributed autonomy protocol and  IDCC Foundation. IDCC applies human governance and code governance to the entire public chain governance system at the same time, so as to realize the decentralization of blockchain governance and the effective implementation of governance decisions.
New Infrastructure